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Was Looking For A Dog-Gone Reason To Complain

, , , , | Right | April 10, 2017

(I am a cashier at a well-known buffet chain. A customer comes in and starts walking up the side of the front with no cashier.)

Customer: “This side is free.”

Me: “No, but I will gladly ring you up over here.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I am actually here to start a job.”

(The customer is in no way dressed to be one of our employees but I go to get a manager. anyway. when he stops me.)

Customer: “No, I’m not really. Three, please.”

(From there, things go normally. I ring him and his friends on one of his friend’s cards. They go on their way in. Not long after that, another family comes in with a service dog. I ring them through. After, the original customer comes up to me)

Customer: “Excuse me; I have a question for you.”

Me: “Yes, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Do you guys allow dogs in here?”

(Knowing what dog he is talking about I give him a reply.)

Me: “Service dogs, yes.”

Customer: “That’s bulls***. I want my money back.”

(Not wanting to argue, I proceed to call a manager to the front. The one who comes is our general manager, an ex-army man. I explain the situation to him and he goes to talk to the guy.)

Customer: “This is f****** bulls***! How can you allow dogs to be in a place where people eat?”

Manager: “Sir, first of all, watch your language; there are kids here. And second, we have to allow service dogs in here; it is the law.”

Customer: “It’s bulls***! What if the dog’s hair gets in the food?!”

Manager: “What if human hair gets in the food? Should I ban all humans?”

Customer: “Okay, well, what if I walk around barefoot?”

Manager: “You can’t. it’s not allowed.”

Customer: “But a dog can?”

Manager: “Yes.”

Customer: “So a dog has more rights than I do?”

Manager: “Yes, he does.”

Customer: “This is bulls***!”

(The customer then goes back to his table, but the manager has had enough, especially with the swearing, and goes and tells the guy he needs to leave, now. It is decided that since he hasn’t been here very long we will at least refund him his meal. When refunding meals back onto a card, most of the time the same card is required to be swiped again to put the money back. Luckily, since it is still so soon after he ate, it just reverses the charge.)

Customer: “Where’s my money?”

Me: “It is back on the card it was rung on, sir.”

Customer: “But where is my money?!”

Manager: “Sir, it is back on your friend’s card. You are not getting cash back.”

(The customer then started to leave, but not without telling everyone he passed that there was a dog in the building. Everyone in line either looked confused or just didn’t care.)

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