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Was Free; Now Locked Up

, , , | Right | June 10, 2022

I occasionally put things on a local free items Facebook group. My general rule is collection only unless very local (within five minutes walk). I put an old DVD player on the group and it languishes. I forget about it until someone asks if it’s still available. I send them the details for collection and play the usual game of “Can you deliver it to the other side of the city?” “No.” Then I receive a message from an interested person:

Customer: “Is it free?”

Me: “Yes. It’s free. When would you like to collect?”

Customer: “But is it free?”

Me: “The item is completely free. It is against the rules of the Facebook group to charge for items or collect items to sell them. If you do, you get kicked out of the group.”

Finally, after a bit more back and forth, I am asked if I can drop it off at the person’s grandmother’s house about ten minutes gentle walk away. I send them a message before setting off.

Me: “I am very uncomfortable just leaving the item on someone’s doorstep. Are you sure that you want me to do this? It’s also due to rain during the night.”

Customer: “Yes, I’m sure. Just make sure it’s wrapped up well with my name written on the bag.”

I ensure that the DVD player is wrapped in three layers of plastic bags, his name written on each layer. I go out, drop off the bag on his grandmother’s doorstep as requested and send him a message.

Me: “I have dropped it off as requested. Remember to tell your grandmother that there’s a package on her doorstep.”

Customer: “I can’t.”

Messages stop. Sunday comes and I get a message.

Customer: “I don’t have the DVD player.”

Upon questioning the idiot, he hadn’t told his grandmother about the delivery. She had opened her door, found a “suspicious package” (with the idiot’s name on it) and called the police. The police had collected it.

Me: “My responsibility ended as soon as delivery was made. I told you that I was uncomfortable with just leaving it there. You’ll have to contact the police yourself.”

Customer: “But I don’t have the DVD player…”

Given the competency of this idiot I assume that the police still have it…

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