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Was At The Top(ping) But Now Falling

| Right | July 5, 2017

(I work as a manager in a pizza shop. One night I got a call from a less than happy customer.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah! I need to talk to a manager! I can’t eat my pizza!”

Me: “I’m a manager on duty. How can I help?”

Caller: “I ordered a meatball and extra cheese pizza but I can’t eat it because you messed it up!”

Me: “Sir, I’m very sorry. What was wrong with it?”

Caller: “I had a meatball roll off the pizza! So I got mad and threw it in my backyard and now I have no pizza to eat!”

Me: “Um, sir… did you say you threw it in the yard?”

Caller: “Yeah! My meatball fell off so I chucked it in the yard for the birds! You can’t treat customers that way.”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “Okay, sir, I apologize. Would you like a new pizza or a store credit?”

Caller: “No! You just need to know that toppings falling off isn’t good customer service!” *click*

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