Was About To Have A Face Off

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(I’ve just had all four wisdom teeth pulled. My grandma is driving me home, and since I don’t remember, tells me my antics the next day.)

Grandma: “What’s wrong? You look sad!”

Me: “I want my face back!”

Grandma: “What?”

Me: “The dentist took my face!”

Grandma: “What do you mean?!”

(I’m nearly in tears at this point.)

Me: “They said they’d only take my teeth! But my face is gone!”

Grandma: “How do you know your face is gone?”

Me: “I can’t feel it anymore! They took my face!”

(My grandma has to pull over due to laughing so hard. She pulls down the mirror to prove I do, in fact, still have my face. I start crying out of sheer joy.)


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