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Was A Much Sweeter Interaction Than Thought

, , | Working | October 22, 2016

(My brother and I are customers at a fast food place and overhear an interaction between a manager and an employee, who has Down Syndrome.)

Manager: *semi-angrily* “What are you eating?”

Employee: “Nothing…”

Manager: “I can see you eating something; what are you eating?”

Employee: “Nothing!”

(At this point my brother and I become uncomfortable because we think the employee is being yelled at for either eating product, or just eating while on the clock.)

Manager: “Is it a Rice Crispy treat? It’s a Rice Crispy treat, isn’t it?”

Employee: “…yeah.”

Manager: “Is it sugar free? It better be sugar free.”

Employee: “It is!”

Manager: “I don’t think it is. You know you aren’t supposed to have sugar. It can make you really sick!”

(My brother and I relax, and as we walk out to the car we talk about how relieved we were that we were just watching a concerned coworker rather than the employee getting in real trouble!)

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