Was A Mistake To Bring Up The Mistake

| Learning | January 25, 2016

(I take a demanding course as an independent-study, due to scheduling issues. The adjunct who supervised me would often let me stay and chat. I happened to be taking an elective she taught that same semester, too.)

Professor: “So, you know this week’s Creativity in Psychology journal prompts?”

Me: “Yeah, about not being afraid to make mistakes. Good topic, but some of the questions were… heavy.”

Professor: “Like ‘describe the worst mistake you’ve ever made’?”

Me: “Now that you mention it, ugh, yes, that one. I wrote about running away from home one day at fifteen. Nothing happened, thank God, but I was shaken up for a couple hours after remembering it.”

Professor: “Yeah… you’re not the only one. [My Name], I’ve gotten some e-mails from your classmates. This is my first time teaching this course. I really didn’t think the questions through…

Me: “Wait, those weren’t from a book? You came up with the questions!?”

Professor: “Yeah, and I’m losing sleep over some of the answers…”

Me: “But everyone knows you’re new. And this is a fluffy elective; hopefully people would just quit the assignment before causing themselves serious psychological damage. Just send out an e-mail apologizing and telling everyone they don’t have to answer that one.”

Professor: “You’re right.” *sighs with relief* “You think they’ll forgive me?”

Me: *impishly* “I think if you had to write about a big mistake you’ve made…”

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