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Warp Factor Roll 20

| Friendly | December 10, 2015

(A group of us are playing Dungeons & Dragons at Friend #1’s house. As a joke, Friend #1 has modeled his character off one from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’. Friend #2 is the Dungeon Master, and has never seen the show. He is describing the effects our races will have on our characters.)

Me: *quietly to Friend #2* “They like the warm, and hate cold climates.”

Friend #2: “Okay, so you like warm places, and you move stiffly in the cold and don’t like it.”

Friend #1: “Wow, that was actually right! What do you know about Star Trek?”

(Unusually for this group, there is a moment of absolute silence.)

Friend #2: *slightly vacant tone, waving his hand like he’s doing a Jedi mind trick* “Spock…”

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