Warning: Risk Of Possible Tanning

| Working | July 14, 2017

(On Wednesday I order and overnight-express ship some water/aqua socks online for my husband, for our stay on Saturday at a hotel that offers an indoor water park. My husband has disfigurements on both feet and he is extremely self conscious about it, so refuses to go to the water park for my daughter’s and my birthdays unless he can hide them. Friday at six am I get an email from the shipping company that delivery will be delayed so I call.)

Me: “Why is it showing my over-nighted package is delayed? It shows scanned in Los Angeles.”

Representative: “I’m sorry but severe weather has delayed it since we can’t deliver it.”

Me: “But it’s been clear skies and sunny for the past two days.”

Representative: “Well, that may be true at the delivery address in Santa Fe Springs but it currently is delayed at the shipping center in Los Angeles with severe weather; it is too dangerous for our drivers to attempt delivery.”


Me: “I work in LA and it’s clear skies as well. I literally am standing outside staring at it.”

Representative: “Well, the severe weather does not have to be in Los Angeles; the item still needs to be shipped to the Anaheim distribution center so it could be that Anaheim has weather to severe for the safety of our drivers.”


Me: “Anaheim is clear skies as well. Can I speak to a manager?”

(The manager tells me I can’t arrange to pick up my item at either center but promises me it will be delivered by the end of the day, just not the eight pm guaranteed time. I’m happy since we get what we need. At six pm I get an email that due to severe weather my package has been rescheduled for delivery on Thursday, February second. That would be the next day the forecast says it will rain. That sun is just too dangerous to be risking lives!)

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