Warmth Can Skip A Generation

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(I have a rather strained relationship with my father. It’s gotten better over the years, but it’s never been sunshine and pony rides. My husband and I recently told my dad that we’re expecting, after having a miscarriage the year before. My dad has never been one to show much emotion around me. He was pretty excited when I told him, but nothing too special. About a month later, I get a text at work from my husband, who is helping my dad on his day off.)

Husband: “Your dad is really excited about you being pregnant. While I was there, he was telling his handyman that came over that he’s going to be a granddad again… He was giddy.”

(I was so touched, I started to cry. I may not have a fantastic relationship with my dad, but this really meant a lot to me. My dad’s going to be a fantastic grandfather.)

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