Warm Actions Melt Icy Streets

, , , , | Hopeless | March 29, 2016

(It is a typical March, with some warm days followed by wintery sub-zero temperatures. My car is parked on the street, parallel between two other cars. The remaining snow has frozen, so now there are some ice sculptures on the street blocking the car. I’m 5’3” and pretty skinny, but nevertheless, I go to get a shovel. I start to break the ice slow but steady. Across the street there is a bakery. Two Estonian construction workers come out of the bakery to their car. One of them notices my struggle.)

Construction Worker: “Ma’am, do you need help with that?”

Me: “No, I’ve got it. I’m in no hurry.”

Construction Worker: “Neither are we. We’ve got some tools in our car. It won’t be too much trouble at all.”

Me: “Well, okay, if you insist.”

(They fetched the tools, and it took them less than two minutes to break all the ice blocking the car. I thanked them and they drove away. I really wanted to thank them properly, so I went to the bakery and asked if the construction workers come there often. The owner of the bakery said that they come every day to have a coffee and something sweet on their break. I paid for two coffees and two danish and told the owner to thank the men for me the next time they showed up.)

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