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War Of The Roses

| Romantic | September 12, 2013

(My boyfriend has promised to see me during my play, but now can’t make it for family reasons. To make it up to me, he buys me a bouquet of white roses. He comes over to my parents’ place, where I live.)

Boyfriend: *kneeling* “Oh, my darling, if only words could put together the utmost regret I have for failing you at one of your brightest moments. Let these white roses symbolize my sincerest apologies and my earnest adoration for you.”

Me: “Heh, laying it on thick, I see.”

Boyfriend: “I try. Only the best for my sweetie-kins.”

(As my boyfriend hands me the roses, my mother smacks my dad in the arm while sitting beside her.)

Dad: “Ow! What did I do?”

Mom: “How come you never do that kind of thing for me?!”

(Some time later, my mom puts my boyfriend’s roses in a vase to freshen up my room.)

Mom: “You know, legend has it that cut flowers live longer if the person that gave them to you really loves you.”

Me: “Aw, that’s sweet! Daddy gave you flowers recently, didn’t he?”

Mom: “…yeah, those only lasted for two days.”

(Mine last for more than two weeks.)

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