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Who Wants To Be The Minute Muppet?

, , , , | Working | June 1, 2018

(I’m sitting in a meeting where the presenter has a slideshow from his laptop projected on the wall. The way he’s positioned, he’s looking at his own screen, but not the projected image.)

Presenter: “As you can see, we’ve color-coded the parts of the project. The yellow parts are being updated, the green are new, the blue parts are out of scope, and the sand-colored ones are unchanged.”

Me: “Um… sorry, the projector isn’t showing the colors very well; it’s all faded out. I just peeked at your screen, and I can see the difference there, but on the projector I can’t tell yellow, green, and blue apart.”

Presenter: *looking up* “Oh, I’m sorry! How weird; the projector must be old!” *he gestures with his mouse pointer* “These are yellow, these are green, these are blue, and this one is sand.”

Coworker: “This meeting was brought to you today by the letter W and the number 4.”

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