Wanted For Making Bad Jokes

, , , , | Right | July 2, 2018

(I’m working the front counter at a fast food restaurant when a man approaches my register in a package delivery company uniform. I have three coworkers around me on other registers.)

Customer: “Hello! I’d like a #1 combo with a [soda].”

Me: “Okay, sir, can I g—”

Customer: “Hey, listen… You didn’t see the FBI come in here today, did you?”

Me: “No?”

Customer: “Or the US Marshals, or anything?”

Me: “No, I don’t believe so, sir.”

(I’m getting a bit concerned.)

Customer: “Well, if they do come, tell them I’m not here. I’m a wanted man, you know! Did you know that?”

Me: *wide eyed* “Um…”

Coworker #1: “Oh, [Customer]! Stop messing with her!”

Customer: “Messing with her? This is serious business!”

Coworker #2: “[Customer], you’re hysterical. We’ll let them know; don’t you worry.”

Me: *after the customer has left with his food* “What the hell was that?”

Coworker #3: “Oh, that’s [Customer]. He’s here pretty much every day in the morning. He’s late today, though; I guess you’ve always missed him. He likes to joke.”

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