Wandering Through Her Career

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(At the store where I work, I’m technically a cashier, but I’m trusted to do a lot of the background stuff: putting returns away, pulling online orders, and helping fix register issues that don’t require a manager. As I only work part-time and am out for events somewhat often, my store decides to hire someone to work on my days off. I’m training them on the best ways to do what I do.)

Me: “The official policy is to check for online orders every two hours. I check whenever I’m between tasks or have a minute to do so.”

New Hire: “If you don’t have to check more often, why should you? That’s a lot of work.”

Me: “It really isn’t, once you have it as a habit. It keeps us from having overdue orders if I get backed up, customers can pick up these orders sooner, and it boosts our numbers.”

(Our store has some of the best numbers for sales in the company.)

New Hire: “Well, I guess. Why do you have the cart with you for the returns? You could just bring the basket.”

Me: “I could, but since I usually find things out of place, it’s easier to have the cart to hold those until I can put them up.”

New Hire: “Can’t someone else do it? That’s so much work! You’re adding in so many things at once!”

Me: “It’s no more work than ignoring it. Most of the time whatever’s out of place just goes on a shelf nearby, and we’d have to do it at the end of the night anyway.”

(The entire shift is her complaining about “how much work” everything involves. The next shift goes about the same. At the end…)

Me: “Okay, I’m on vacation starting tomorrow. Do you think you can handle a week of doing this alone? [Manager] can help you with questions.”

New Hire: “Yeah, I guess.”

Me: “I’m not expecting you to be perfect at it; if anything just focus on the online orders.”

(I come back from vacation and my manager calls me into the office. I figure it’s to talk about how the new hire is doing.)

Manager: “So, we transferred [New Hire] to work as a cashier in [Other Location].”

Me: “Wait, why?”

Manager: “She didn’t pull a single online order. Any time I asked her to check she said she would ‘in a minute’ and then never did. I ended up having [Coworker] do it with me before close just about every night.”

Me: “What?! I told her that was her main concern!”

Manager: “She also hardly put away returns. When we closed, she had a full cart still, and maybe a handful of things she actually put up.”

Me: “What was she even doing, then?!”

Manager: “Mostly just wandering around. She talked to a few customers, but other than that, nothing productive. I’ll see about hiring someone more… motivated.”

(A week later, I was training a second new hire. He was quicker on picking up the tricks and was even checking for orders by his third shift, without me prompting him.)

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