Walking On Eaten Eggshells Around The Subject

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(Every year for Christmas, my entire family gets together for lunch. This includes my dad’s first wife, my older half-siblings, my mom — who is also no longer married to my dad — and all the kids, spouses, and partners in between. It’s a big group. I’m sitting across from my half-siblings’ mom, who has recently adopted a puppy. She knows both my sister and I have experience with rescue dogs, so she’s been asking questions.) 

Siblings’ Mom: “Oh, [Puppy] eats eggshells. Is that bad?”

Me: “What?! How does he get eggshells?”

Siblings’ Mom: “When I’m cooking, I lay them on the counter, and he always jumps up to get them! He’s so cute.”

Sister: “Um… No, that’s not okay. Those are sharp and not safe for him to eat. Please start throwing the shells away immediately after you crack the eggs.”

Me: “You should also train [Puppy] to not jump on the counter.”

Siblings’ Mom: *looks confused but agrees – but a few minutes later she turns to me again* “What about milk? Can dogs have milk?”

Me: “Well, small amounts of dairy won’t kill them, if that’s what you mean. But you really should only be feeding him a dog food specifically for puppies, and no ‘human food,’ except maybe boiled chicken if he’s sick. It’s the safest thing.”

Siblings’ Mom: “Oh, darn! But he just loves milk mixed in with his dog food!”

Me: *mental head-smack* “Why did you give him milk in the first place?”

Siblings’ Mom: *smiles* “To see if he’d like it! Now he runs to the fridge whenever I put food in his bowl.”

Sister: “Please don’t do that anymore; you could make him sick, or at least give him a pretty upset stomach.”

Me: “If he likes liquid in his food, you can substitute lukewarm water, instead.”

Siblings’ Mom: “Aw… okay. I usually Google everything before I give it to him. I just didn’t Google milk or eggshells!”

Me: “Again, please don’t feed [Puppy] any human food. Please.”

Siblings’ Mom: “Thanks!” *turns away to talk to someone else*

My Husband: *leans over and whispers to me* “How is that dog still alive?”

Me: “No clue.”

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