Walking Home On The Nice Side Of The Street

, , | Hopeless | May 29, 2016

(I am walking home late at night with a pretty clingy friend of mine, who is staying over. He’s male; I’m female. He’s messing around and I’m trying not to laugh, when three rough-looking men come up to us, reeking of alcohol. My friend tucks me under his arm when he sees them.)

Guy #1: “Hey! Is this guy making you uncomfortable, girlie?”

Guy #2: “Yeah, you don’t need to go with him if you don’t want to.”

Me: *surprised and a little touched* “Oh, no, it’s fine! He’s my friend.”

Guy #3: “You sure you’re okay? We can call the cops and wait with you for them to come if you want.”

Me: “Thanks, but it’s really fine. He’s good.”

Friend: *nervously trying to lighten the situation* “Yeah, to be honest I’d be more into you than her, if it’s like that.”

(The guys are suddenly all smiles, and two of them nod and walk off again.)

Guy #3: “Good! We wanted to make sure. You never know and we’d feel bad if we saw in the papers that something happened and we could’ve helped. You two have a good night now!”

(I only lived in that area a short while, but those three men were by far the best people I met there!)

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