Walking All Over The Rules

, , , , | Working | November 2, 2018

(My job has a strict dress code, including dress shoes that must be all black. I’ve recently been working 40+ hours a week on my feet, although my position is part-time. This has caused me to develop a painful foot problem, and my doctor writes me a note stating I must wear athletic shoes to work, even stating that they should accommodate for color, as the shoes I need do not come in all black. This happens the first day I wear my shoes to work after delivering my doctor’s note to the store manager.)

Assistant Manager: “Hey, your shoes are against dress code. You need a doctor’s note to wear athletic shoes!”

Me: “Actually, I have a doctor’s note. It’s on file with the store manager.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, they aren’t all black, so you need to change.”

Me: “My doctor’s note specifically says to accommodate for color, since these shoes are the exact ones I need for my condition. There’s a number on the note you can call if you have questions on it.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, until I see it, you can’t wear them.”

Me: “It’s filed with [Store Manager], or I can grab my other copy from my car if you’d prefer.”

Assistant Manager: “I didn’t expect you to be one to break the rules!”

(After this, he left. I’ve always been a strict rule follower, and it’s beyond me why he thought I’d break policy. I let my store manager know that the assistant manager was concerned about my shoes, and she let me know that she talked to him immediately after receiving my note. Some people.)

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