Walking A Thin Line

| | Right | February 18, 2009

Customer: “Excuse me, miss – what size are you?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I want to buy these pants for my granddaughter, my dear, and she’s about your size.”

Me: “Oh, well…the jeans I’m wearing right now are from this store, and they’re a size 4.”

Customer: “WELL! She is certainly not that fat!”

Me: “Um, well, sometimes people carry their weight differently. Perhaps she would fit in a size 2 better?”

Customer: “My dear, I didn’t mean to offend you – you’re not too fat. My granddaughter is small. And a big hussy. That’s why I want to buy her new pants. She looks like such a tramp.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “I suppose maybe I’ll just buy her a blouse instead.”

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