Walking A Thin Line With Mother

| Friendly | February 9, 2016

(My best friend, her sister, her niece, and I are having a girls’ night but one of our plans fall through so we decide to go across the street to get some fried chicken. Unfortunately the road is five lanes wide so we have to go around to the sidewalk which is far from where we are. My best friend and her niece become impatient.)

Best Friend: “It’d be faster if we just crossed the street. We should jaywalk.”

Niece: “We should.”

Best Friend: “Do you want to jaywalk with me, [Niece]?”

Niece: “Yes, I do.”

(Then they walk to the road and try to take one step across it. I notice this and quickly throw my arms around them and pull them back onto the sidewalk before pushing them to the inside.)

Me: “You are not jaywalking! No one is jaywalking! I am walking on the outside! Mother instincts activate!”

(They didn’t try to cross the street again.)

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