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Waking Nightmare

, | Friendly | June 5, 2015

(I am at my school’s drama camp, with a bunch of people in my dorm who don’t know me very well. I warn them that I am prone to sleepwalking and talking, however they don’t believe me. I end up saying various things during the night, such as the following.)

Me: *meowing*

Me: “Bam, and the dirt is gone.”

Girl #1: “Did she say ‘bam, I’m a dirty slut?'”

Girl #2: “No, you idiot, it’s the Easy-Off Bam slogan.”

Me: *In a British accent* “I don’t like blueberries.”

Me: “Peachy Breeze is peachy keen.”

Me: *singing* “You’ll find it at LeCornu’s”

(The girls then decide to all go to the bathroom, as girls do. When they get back I am cross-legged in the middle of the room, rocking back and forth with my hair covering my face. The girls scream and run out of the room, waking a teacher. They tell the teacher what has happened, and she accompanies them back to our room ‘protect them.’ Naturally, by this time I am back in bed, and look as peaceful as an angel. The teacher then leaves.)

Me: *meowing*

Girl #1: *bursts into tears*

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