Waiting Won’t Cost You Anything

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(I am the first customer in line at the checkout. When I swipe my card, I ask for cash back. The cashier’s drawer opens, and he realizes he doesn’t have enough cash. He calls for an assistant manager. He, in turn, calls for the manager. The manager has to go to the back of the store. By now, the line is backing up.)

Me: “You can wait on other customers, and I can wait out of the way.”

Cashier: “Great.”

Customer #2: “Hey, thanks!”

(Cashier rings up [Customer #2] and [Customer #3] completely, since they each have one item. He then starts on [Customer #4].)

Manager: “[Cashier], here’s your cash. Don’t you have a customer waiting?”

Cashier: *to [Customer #4]* “Excuse me, I just need to count this real fast.”

(The cashier counts out the total cash he was given, takes some cash out of the pile and puts it in his drawer, then calls to me to give me my cash.)

Customer #4: “Hey! She can wait. Finish my order.”

Cashier: “Sir, I’m sorry, but she was ahead of you. She’s been waiting for my manager.”

Customer #4: “I don’t care. You started my order; you finish my order. She can f****** wait!”

Customer #5: “HEY! Shut your face and let him do his job. She was nice enough to let the line keep moving while she waited; you can wait ten seconds for her to get her cash.”

([Customer #4] turns towards [Customer #5], screaming something obscene, and stops suddenly. Evidently seeing a guy in a state trooper uniform made him think twice about screaming and swearing. The cashier hands me my cash and receipt.)

Me: “Okay, great. Thanks.”

Customer #5: “…and thank you for letting the line move. Sorry about this guy.”

([Customer #4] was now staring at the ground, totally silent.)

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