Waiting In Line And Starting To Whine

, , , | Right | September 3, 2018

(I’m a customer. I’m at the grocery store shortly after noon. The queues are long, and the cashier has just announced that she regretfully can’t open another line because there aren’t enough employees. One middle-aged customer a bit behind me has been muttering loudly for a while now.)

Customer: “You have to open another register! I’m on my lunch break; I still want to eat something today!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, sir, that’s not possible right now.”

Customer: *keeps muttering and complaining*

(Finally a second register is opened and he rushes to be the first and relates his tragic story to the new cashier again… He’s on lunch break; this is an outrage, etc. It’s my turn on the first register and I am fed up.)

Me: “You can stop complaining now. It’s your turn. They said it’s not easily possible to open another register, but they’re obviously working as fast as they can. Please stop harassing them!”

Customer: “I’m not talking to YOU!”

Me: “And thank goodness for that.”

My Cashier: “Thank you. Some people really think we’re robots, apparently.”

(I bid them a good day and walked to my car — and the guy had the gall to follow me and start harassing me about not knowing what it’s like to work. I’m obviously dressed for an office job and clearly old enough to be working. He said that I’m a lazy b**** and need to keep my mouth shut. I told him to leave me alone but he followed me to my car, where I got in quickly and locked it from the inside. Eventually he wandered away, again muttering, and got into a car with a business logo and name printed on the side. Guess who received a rather colorful email the moment I came home?)

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