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Wait Until The End To Flex Their Complaining Mussels

, , | Right | September 28, 2022

I’m working in a restaurant, serving a man, his wife, and his two kids. Everything is going great; they’re super pleasant people.

I bring out the food, including a lobster, shrimp, and mussel seafood bake-type thing for the man.

Me: “Can I get you all anything else?”

Family: “No, we’re fine.”

Around five minutes later, I return.

Me: “Does everything taste okay? Do you need any extra sauces or napkins? Refills for the kids’ drinks?”

Nope, they’re fine.

As they’re finishing their meals, the father who got the seafood bake asks to see the manager.

I say sure, then go run and get the manager on duty, and go back to business. I then see my manager in the back on one of the Point Of Sale systems, and he flags me over.

Manager: “The customer at [table] said his meal was dry, bland, and quite gross.”

Me: “I checked on them multiple times, and they said everything was good.”

My manager ended up comping TWO of their meals because this guy was either a d****e or too ashamed to speak up when he didn’t like his meal.

They then left me a crappy tip (like $5 on a bill of around $75) after being so nice the whole time. I was very annoyed.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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