Wait Until She Sees The Prices In A Real Coffee Shop

, , , | Right | October 22, 2019

(The café I am working at often serves families, since it’s the only café in the area to have a playroom. Since the building the café is in belongs to a charity, the prices are extremely cheap.)

Mother: “Hello. I want two hot chocolates with all the trimmings and six cups of fruit squash, please.”

Me: “Certainly. That’ll be £7 all together, please.”

Mother: “What? That’s ridiculous! I’m not paying that much!”

Me: “Well, it’s actually cheaper than two hot—”

Mother: “No! I’m not being funny or anything, but that’s ridiculous!” *turns to her husband* “I’m right, aren’t I? Tell her!”

(The husband nods, looking just as awkward and upset as I feel.)

Me: “Um… Well, I could give you half-cups of squash, instead, and your total would be £5.50—”

Mother: “Yes! Do that! I don’t want my children to be drinking all that sugar anyway!”

Me: “We have free water and cups over—”

Mother: “Here!”

(The mother put the money on the counter and stormed off to a table, muttering about “ripoff prices.” Her husband looked apologetic. Thankfully, I never saw them again.)

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