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Wait For It…

| Working | August 1, 2016

(I’m a broke girl in her early 20s living with friends. After a long, cold walk home I decide to treat myself and my (even more broke) three friends to some burritos from a popular American chain that has recently made its way to my city in England.)

Me: “Hey, can I have three bean burritos, two small fries, and a small drink?”

Server #1: *gives me a large cup, which annoys me until I realize she only charged me for a small*

(There’s a small wait for my food but I really don’t mind sitting inside the warm, almost empty restaurant, and it really isn’t a long wait.)

Server #2: “I’m really sorry for your wait. We’re cooking more fries. I’m really sorry.”

(30 seconds later…)

Server #3: “I’m really sorry this is taking so long. We’ll give you a large fries to make up for it.”

Me: “No, honestly, it’s fine. Fresh fries are a good enough bonus!”

Server #2: “Here, we’ll give you churros, too, to make up for your wait. You shouldn’t have to wait so long!”

Me: “Thank you, but it’s honestly fine!”

Server #4: “Here’s your food; I’m sorry you had to wait. I gave you some desserts to make up for it.”

(I ended up leaving the restaurant with three burritos, two large fries, a large drink, and two portions of churros, all to make up for a two-minute wait. Thank you, servers. We went from being destined to a tiny dinner to having more than enough for us four!)

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