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“Wade” Into Her Zone But You “Peter”-ed Out

, , , , , | Romantic | July 23, 2019

(I’m browsing the men’s clothing section of the store. There is one other customer in that section and he decides to approach me.)

Customer: “I like your T-shirt.”

Me: *glances up* “Oh? Yeah, thanks.” *makes a shooing motion* “I’m trying to find a Call of Duty T-shirt for my boyfriend, so go bother someone else.”

Customer: *snorts* “Yeah, and I’ll bet you’re only wearing that Spider-Man T-shirt to impress your boyfriend!”

(I burst out laughing and shake my head.)

Me: “Dude, if I was single and even remotely interested, you just blew any chance you would have had!” *pointing at my T-shirt* “This is Deadpool’s logo, not Spider-Man’s!”

Customer: *turns beet red* “Well, excuse me! Hot chicks aren’t supposed to like comic books!”

(I laughed even harder and he walked off in a huff.)

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