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Vorsprung Duh Technik

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I arrive at the rental car counter and get in line. A young woman is at the counter, sighing and rolling her eyes.

Customer: “You don’t understand. My car is at the Audi dealership being repaired. Audi gave me $45 each day for a rental car. Why don’t you have any Audis for me?”

Agent: “As I have explained, all SUVs and higher-end cars are much more than $45 per day, so unless you can make up the difference, I don’t have anything for you.”

Customer: “You don’t understand. I drive an Audi Q8. I only ever drive SUVs. They gave me this money to use, and now you won’t give me an SUV?”

They go back and forth like this for several minutes. The woman keeps explaining how she is only accustomed to higher-end SUVs and constantly name-dropping the make of her SUV as if we would be impressed, but she refuses to pay the difference in the paltry sum the dealership gave her.

When she finally leaves with a dismissive “Fine! Ugh!”, I walk up to the counter.

Me: “You know they only gave her money for an Uber, right?”

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