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Voicemail Fail, Part 2

| Learning | December 27, 2016

(This happened to my brother in high school. My mom comes home from running errands during the morning to find a voicemail on the home line and checks it.)

Male Voice: “Now say ‘I am an idiot.’

Brother’s Voice: “I am an idiot.”

Male Voice: “Now tell her ‘I am irresponsible.’

Brother’s Voice: “I am irresponsible.”

(This continued on for the duration of the voicemail. It turned out, my brother had forgotten his school ID and was unable to the use the school computers for a project in the library, so his teacher had forced him to call him and dictated the above. My mom furiously reported the teacher but my brother was still stuck in his class for the remainder of the year and, despite doing all the work, only scraped by with a C.)