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Voicemail Fail, Part 6

, , , | Right | October 13, 2021

I work in a call center taking inbound customer calls, and there’s another section that makes outbound calls for any inquiries that require followup. If we need a call back, we provide direct extensions, a reference number, etc. In other words, something more identifiable than just our first names.

Caller: “I just got a message from John. He said to ask for him when I call back.”

I know at least four Johns personally in sales.

Me: “Let me see if I can track him down. Did you happen to have the extension handy? Or maybe you have an outstanding order or invoice that you were calling about?”

Caller: “I guess I just have to listen to the message.”

He hung up, leaving me to wonder if he just heard, “Hello, this is John from [Company],” and hung up his voicemail?

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