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Voicemail Fail, Part 4

, , , | Right | March 3, 2021

I work as a designer for a company that prints on lots of things. We are just winding down a tad from a very busy and successful retail season. Our company has been very busy with shipping orders and many of us have been out for the holidays. I got a call from a client today just as I am clocking out for lunch. I haven’t clocked out just yet, so I figure I will help the client and be nice right before I leave.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. This is [My Name]. How can I help?”

Client: “Holy cow, an actual person! I’ve been trying to call for a week now.”

Me: “I’m glad I could answer, then. How can I help?”

Client: *Ignores me, apparently* “Do you even work in a building with other people?”

I am taken aback and honestly kind of offended.

Me: “Yes, I do.”

Client: “Well, you’re the first person I’ve talked to for a week now. I’ve been trying to call you guys. I have an order that’s been in since the twelfth and it still says processing. Can you tell me why?”

I know what to do in this situation since he got the wrong department.

Me: “I’m only a graphic designer, so I wouldn’t have the info on my end. Let me connect you to someone who would have that information and can help you.”

Client: “Okay. What was your name again?”

Me: “[My Name],”

Client: “Okay, you listen here, [My Name]. I’d better get an actual person and not a voicemail. If I get a voicemail, you will be hearing from me again.”

I’m feeling a little threatened.

Me: “O-okay. Just hold on one minute.”

I send him to customer service and clock out for lunch. I am starving and feeling a tad lightheaded, so I need to get something to eat.

When I get back, I have eight missed calls and a VERY nasty and curse-filled ninety-second voicemail from the client. I had no idea customer service was out when I transferred him. Here’s the main gist of the voicemail.

Client: “Hi, [My Name]. You just tried connecting me to someone, and what do you do? Connect me to a voicemail, and I specifically told you not to do that! I am a pissed-off customer and your company is horrible! I’ve tried calling for two weeks now and left voicemails in every f****** department and no one is calling me back! I’m going to f****** report you to the Better Business Bureau and give you bad reviews on EVERY SINGLE F****** SITE! You’re a f****** horrible company and f****** horrible service and employees. WHAT THE F***, [MY NAME]?!”

I feel even more threatened and talk to another rep about the client. They say he hasn’t even left ANY voicemails anywhere and most likely is lying and isn’t leaving them at all. I am told not to answer him again since his order doesn’t even deal with any sort of graphic design.

Apparently, we emailed him a few weeks ago about the status but haven’t heard back from him due to retail season and the huge number of orders for Christmas.

I forward the voicemail over to the necessary people, and lo and behold, he calls again. I ignore it as I am told and he leaves another curse-filled voicemail. This is the last part of it, since it’s basically the same s*** as before.

Client: “…and now you’re ignoring me, too? Great company you have there… NOT!” *Click*

His order was worth about $50 and his card hadn’t even been charged yet. We tried calling him back but ended up having to leave him a voicemail. The irony of it all made my day.

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