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Voicemail Fail, Part 3

, , , | Right | August 3, 2020

I answer the phone for the umpteenth time today and a younger-sounding female voice is on the other end. There is no greeting or anything.

Caller: “Can I speak to [Boss]?”

Me: “May I ask who’s calling, please?”

Caller: “It’s [Caller].”

Me: “And may I ask what the call is regarding?”

Caller: “No.”

Oookay, then.

Me: “Hold for a moment, please, and let me see if she’s in.”

I call [Boss]’s office and she tells me she’s “in a meeting.” I go back to the call.

Me: “I’m sorry, but it looks like she’s in a meeting right now. May I transfer you to her voicemail and have her call you back after her meeting?”

Caller: “Can you just give her a message for me?”

Me: *Head-desk* “She’ll get your message if you leave a voicemail.”

Caller: *Giggles* “Oh, yeah! Okay. Give me that.”

Me: “Just a moment, please.”

I transferred her over and went right to Not Always Right.

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