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Voicemail Fail

| Working | November 12, 2015

(We are having a new voicemail system installed. Someone from IT is checking that the new system works on each computer. Voicemails are notified to us through email and I, rather stupidly, deleted the test voicemail that has been sent to me so the IT Tech calls and leaves a message from someone else’s phone. The notification email doesn’t appear for over five minutes.)

IT Tech: “Okay, I’m noting down that your system is suffering a delay in notifying you that you’ve got a voicemail. Now, could I ask you to monitor it? Let us know if it takes over a minute to tell you that you have a voicemail.”

Me: “Um… without wanting to sound stupid, if I’m not at my desk when someone calls and they leave me a voicemail, how will I know that the email’s delayed?”

IT Tech: “Because… good point. Let’s think of something else…”

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