Voicefail, Part 2

, , , , | Working | July 25, 2018

We had an order for a customer being fulfilled by a third-party supplier, but the customer requested to cancel within a day of placing the order. The fulfillment company has asked us to contact them by phone instead of by email in these cases, as they do not always have the time to check emails.

We tried to contact them for two days, but were unable to get through as the phone kept ringing and then going to voicemail. We left them multiple voicemails on both of their numbers throughout the day, but never heard back, and the order was still showing as processing, so we emailed them, as well.

On the third day, someone finally picked up, and they told us that they had already shipped the order the day previously, but hadn’t had time to mark it as shipped. After asking them why they didn’t contact us after receiving our voicemails, they were genuinely astonished to find out that they had a voicemail system.

Upon checking with their coworkers, more astonishment was created at the discovery of them having a voicemail, and they then decided to go and look for the answering machine and find out how to use it.

We decided not to use them for any more order fulfillment after that.


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