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Vogon Crazy With It

| Learning | June 28, 2016

(My astronomy teacher is going to retire next year and by the time we get to finals season he is even more done with school than we are. Thus, he puts a lot of “fun” questions on the exam.)

Exam: “You discover a new solar system which contains a planet very similar in composition to Earth inhabited by Vogons. Which of the following might you be able to infer about their species?”

(Next to one of the answers, I write:)

Me: “This is blatant Vogophobia. The Vogon are a hard-working, technologically advanced people who have thrived in the solar system despite prejudice such as this keeping them down and I cannot believe that an open-minded and intellectual man like you would display such blatant bigotry.”

(A few days later I receive an email from him with the subject “Soul searching.”)

Professor: “I have never been confronted on my Vogophobia before. I will have to do some soul searching. P.S. You are very funny and make good drawings.”

(That professor totally made my day. Also, I got an ‘A’ in the class!)

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