Vocab Confab

| Working | May 18, 2014

(At my school, we have to do ten weeks of internship, the places for which are chosen by the school. I am placed in the city’s registry office. The boss is a rather unfriendly person. I’m quite literate, which of course shows in the weekly reports I have to write and give the boss to read and sign. One day, the following happens.)

Boss: “Hey, [My Name], here are your reports back. Can we talk about them for a second?”

Me: “Sure.”

(I follow him into his office. There is a copy of my report laying on the desk. I can see he typed a sentence I wrote into Google.)

Boss: “How do you do this?”

Me: “Pardon?”

Boss: “How are you able to copy reports from the Internet without it showing up if I Google them?”

Me: “I… write them by myself?”

Boss: “No! You don’t. Your vocabulary is far too big for a 17-year-old girl.”

Me: “Wait. If I really copy my reports from the Internet, I would have to find reports written by people who do the same tasks as I do, every week. That’s not very likely, is it?”

Boss: “Uhm… you can go back to work now.”

(By the end of the tenth week, I receive my grade together with a list showing how many points I got for the individual tasks. I received full points for my written reports.)

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