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Viral Side Effects

| Related | October 9, 2013

(My brother and I have recently watched a certain viral video. We go to visit some of our cousins, including our four-year-old cousin who’s just beginning to read.)

Little Cousin: *walks up to my brother with a book* “Read book! Read book!”

Brother: “Oh, uh, okay.” *opens book and begins reading* “What does the dog say?”

Little Cousin: “Woof!”

Brother: “What does the cat say?”

Little Cousin: “Meow!”

Me: *turns to older cousin* “Wait, is that that book?”

Older Cousin: “Yep. And [Little Cousin] has heard the song too.”

Me: “This will be good.”

Brother: “What does the cow say?”

Little Cousin: “Moo!”

Brother: “…what does the fox say?”

Little Cousin: “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!”

(We all laugh for a solid minute.)

Brother: “That was so worth it.”

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