VIP = Very Irked People

, , , | Right | April 12, 2020

(I work at a cinema over the summer and one of the types of tickets sold is a VIP seat which is £1.95 more than the standard ticket. Not many people realise that this is how the cinema makes its profit and that employees check to make sure the VIP section is empty if none have been sold for that screen. I have to check a screen where zero tickets have been sold but the VIP section has ten people; the first family of five moves without complaint, but the second family of five is not so compliant.)

Me: “Sorry, madam, but you can only sit here if you have a VIP ticket. They’re only £1.95 extra.”

Customer: “What? I spent £50 to come to the cinema today on tickets and snacks; that’s probably more than you make in a week!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s company policy.”

Customer: “Don’t give me that!”

Me: “But it is!”

Customer: “I’ll move, only because I spent a lot of money today, and I don’t want to see it wasted. I’m going to complain to your manager!”

Me: “There’s nothing that can be done; it’s company policy!”

(She moved to a standard seating area, grumbling about the ridiculousness of the VIP seating rules.)

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