Victoria’s Secret Is Out

| | Right | February 16, 2009

Me: “Hello, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I’d like to return this.” *pulls out a bra from a bag*

Me: “Ok, is there something wrong with it?”

Customer: Well yeah, duh. I wouldn’t be returning it if it was fine, would I?!”

Me: “Ok – what is the reason you are returning it?”

Customer: “It squeaks…”

Me: “The bra…? The bra squeaks?”

Customer: “Yes, it makes noises.”

Me: “The bra makes noises?”

(By this time everyone standing in line starts laughing at her and making comments.)

Customer: “Shut up! Don’t you dare laugh at me – inferior creatures!”

(People in line now really start to laugh.)

Me: “Ok ma’am, I’m really sorry the bra makes noises, but I cannot return this, you’ve worn it. You can’t return an–”

Customer: *interrupting* “LORD! Give me patience! Or I will strangle this creature of yours! Now, Mr. A**hole, you are going to give me my money back for this thing. I cannot be walking around with a talking bra on me – people will think I’m nuts!”

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  • Tiber Septim

    I think people already think your nuts. Especially after that prayer.