The Victims Of Mt. Vesuvius Didn’t Die Of The Cold!

, , , , , | Right | May 4, 2018

(My wife and I are out to dinner at a small Italian place of which we’ve grown fond. The family at the next table orders a Chicken Vesuvio pizza. If you read the menu description, it says that they use a hot pepper aioli on the pizza, giving it a nice bit of heat and justifying the reference to Mount Vesuvius. Apparently, this is lost on the man who ordered it.)

Customer: *yelling at the waiter* “Hey! This is spicy hot! I didn’t want spicy hot pizza! Why didn’t you tell me it was spicy hot?!

(My wife and I gave each other our mutual “WTF” looks and continued with our meal as the guy continued to whine and grumble.)

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