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Very Pool-ish Behavior

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We are going through a heatwave. In response to this, the pool I work at, which is part of a larger non-profit organization, decides to allow free entry to the pool for the hottest hours of the day at the weekend.

The free admission is a set time from noon to four pm. Anyone who comes in before or after those times must pay the entrance fee in order to swim.

I end up getting stuck at the check-in desk right after four o’clock and am greeted by many unhappy families who expected to get into the pool for free. I explain to them each time that we only had a set time where admissions are free, and since the time has passed, they will have to pay for using the pool. Most people argue, or shout, or threaten to have me fired if I don’t let them in.

However, one woman, after I tell her she has to pay, bends down and tells her children to run into the pool — fully clothed — which she then tries to use as an excuse to chase after them and evade having to pay.

It doesn’t work.

Question of the Week

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