Very Illicit Passes

, , , | Right | October 16, 2020

A group of friends and I attend a local anime convention annually, so I generally preorder our tickets to save time and money. Conveniently enough, we have just enough people to qualify for their smallest group package, which I think is to blame for what happens one particular year.

We all arrive at the venue and I head off to collect our tickets.

Staffer: “Name for the order and ID?”

I answer and hand it over.

Staffer: “Okay… so you’ve got the [group package]?”

I nod.

Staffer: “Great! Here are your weekend passes… And here are your bags. Inside you’ll find your VIP passes, T-shirt voucher, and signature vouchers. Keep both passes on you for all events!”

VIP passes? We didn’t order a VIP package. There’s clearly been a mistake! So, naturally, I do the only responsible thing. I thank the staffer, take the passes and bags, and quickly, but calmly, exit the scene to find my friends.

Me: *Handing out the passes* “All right, everybody, here’s your weekend pass. And here’s your bag with your VIP pass.”

Friend #1: “I didn’t think we bought VIP passes?”

Me: “We didn’t. Which is why we’re all going to be on our absolute best behavior this weekend.”

Friend #2: “Ohhh. Gotcha!”

That ended up being the start of the most crazy blessed convention weekend we’ve ever had, and we fully intend to properly buy VIP passes going forward, because it’s absolutely worth the upgrade!

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