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Very Hard Drive

, | Working | January 31, 2015

(I worked the support line for a large PC company. One night a woman calls in who has the breathiest, sexiest voice I’d ever heard and she is relaying my instructions to her boyfriend. I mute my phone and grab my friend.)

Me: “[Coworker]! I need your help!”

(Coworker plugs her headset into my phone.)

Me: *unmuting* “Okay, ma’am, let’s boot into safe mode and see where the problem is. Press F9 over and over as fast as you can.”

Customer: *to her boyfriend* “Ohhhh, baby, you gotta go faster! Hit it faster, baby! FASTER!”

(Coworker’s eyes go wide and stifles a giggle.)

Coworker: “Holy s****, [My Name], what did you drag me into?”

Me: “Are you kidding? When I tell this story later no one would believe it if I didn’t have a witness.”

(Coworker started to protest but stopped and gave the ‘good point’ acceptance nod. Sure enough for the rest of the night our whole floor went to her to confirm my ‘p*rncall’ story wasn’t made up.)

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