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Very Goodie People

, , , | Hopeless | April 4, 2016

(Almost a week ago our 10-year-old dog fell over dead and we had to cremate him. We have taken out other dog and my daughter out with my husband and me.)

Daughter: *playing*

(Three teenaged girls walk up and climb on the equipment.)

Teen #1: “This is nice.”

Teen #2: “Yeah, it’s a nice playground.”

Teen #3: “I like it. We should come back.”

(They all jump down and leave. We too are packing up because it’s growing dark. As we turn around there is a small goodie bag with a jump rope, silly string, and a ball, as well as a kite that says ‘God bless your family.’)

Me: “That… wasn’t there before.”

Husband: “Yeah, where did it come from?”

Me: “Well, [Dog] didn’t bark and only those girls came up; it had to have been them!”

(We watched as they pull away in a beat up old junker in awe, as my eight-year-old got excited for the goodies. I have no idea who you were but in the midst of my dog’s death you made my daughter smile. Thank you. I believe we met three angels that night.)

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