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Very Few Things In Life Are Free

, , | Right | CREDIT: TechTalesMX | January 10, 2022

I work for a TV company. We get stupid questions all the time, but this dude has to be at least in the top ten.

Customer: “I was dumb enough to be paying for [Streaming Service], so I cancelled it because my TV has those apps. I’m calling to find out how to get those apps.”

Me: “Those apps are built in, but a lot of them require a subscription.”

Customer: “But my brother’s TV has [Smart TV Service]. Why does it have [Smart TV Service], then?”

It’s probably a [Smart TV Service] TV, which would only mean it’s running their operating system, not that it has free apps included. Instead of trying to explain that:

Me: “You should contact that TV manufacturer and ask them.”

Customer: “But my remote has buttons for those apps, so it’s only logical the apps should be free!”

Long story short, the call ended up with a supervisor and the dude is going to email the CEO of the company to have this situation “corrected”.

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