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Very Entitled, But Not To A Job

, , , , , | Working | May 31, 2018

I get an application for an internship, which I’m a little surprised by since we filled that months ago, and we took it down from the employment page. After looking, however, I realize that while the link to the intern listing was removed from the page, the intern listing itself, which was its own page, was never taken down. I respond, explaining and apologizing for any inconvenience, saying we’re not hiring but I’ll keep his resume on hand.

My email includes a signature with my business number. Almost immediately, I get a phone call. It’s the kid I replied to — and I do mean “kid,” since he’s only 17. He very smugly informs me that it doesn’t matter because we have the listing still searchable online, ergo we owe him a job or he’s going to sue us for false advertising. He finishes it up with, “So put me on with your hiring department.” Pause for emphasis. “Or else.” All of this is delivered in the absolute smuggest, most confident tone I’ve ever heard.

I kind of sit for a moment in stunned silence at how brazen this kid is, before I go, “Well, gee, I guess you got us there,” then burst out into genuine laughter and hang up. He immediately sends a very prissy and outraged email to my boss demanding I get fired, who also thinks the whole thing is hilarious. The kid continues to email us threats of legal action on and off for the next month, which we all take turns reading aloud in various dramatic tones. That was a few years ago, and I still wonder if he ever remembers doing that and cringes now, or if he’s still that same entitled jerk. Hopefully for everyone around him, it’s the former.

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