Very Cheesed Off

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(I work in a supermarket deli/bakery combo, and one day a young woman wearing an apron and a hairnet comes rushing up to the counter. The shirt she’s wearing implies she works at a nearby family restaurant. It is during lunchtime when we typically get a lot of customers who want sandwiches or one of our hot meals, and there are only three employees, so we’re all busy with other customers. As she runs up, she immediately begins slapping the counter and snapping her fingers for attention.)

Me: “Someone will be with you as soon as they can, ma’am.”

(She rolls her eyes and folds her arms, huffing angrily, and then starts slapping and snapping again. She has literally been at the counter for less than a minute. Lucky me, I’m the first person done to help her.)

Me: “Hello! Sorry for the wait. What can I get for you today?”

Woman: “I want five pounds of Swiss!”

Me: “Okay. And how would you like that sliced?”

Woman: *pulls an exaggerated face and slaps both hands on the counter like I’m an idiot* “For sandwiches. Hurry it up!”

(I slice the cheese for her — when I show her the first slice to see if it’s thick or thin enough, as we’re required to, she slaps the counter again and rolls her eyes, saying nothing — and pile it all on the scale in front of her.)

Woman: “Oh, no! No, no. Do better.”

Me: “Pardon me?”

Woman: “Why is your cheese so expensive? You’ve got to do better than that for me.”

Me: “Those are our prices as set by the company, ma’am.”

Woman: “No! I know you can put codes and s*** in there to discount it for me. Come on. I work for a living, too!”

(My pleasant customer service persona was rapidly eroding due to her rudeness, and I told her simply that I could not adjust pricing on items as I pleased — which is very true. She spun around and stormed off without getting her cheese, which luckily was a popular enough type that we sold most of it and used the rest for sandwiches easily. It’s beyond me how someone could pull the “we work for a living, have pity on me” card while at the same time treating another service industry person so nastily, no matter how stressed or frustrated they might be with their day. The kicker? I saw her storming up to the till with a few handfuls of pre-sliced cheese packages… It was only part of the amount she had wanted, and yet I still know for a fact was still more expensive than what she would have paid for the stuff she said was too pricey and pitched a fit over. Oh, well.)

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