Very Bad Reception, Part 3

| Working | October 4, 2013

(I’m new to my area, and I’ve just come across a doctor’s surgery.)

Me: “Hi! I’m new in town, and I’m looking for a GP. Does this doctor accept new patients?”

Receptionist: “Oh yes, certainly! When would you like to book in?”

Me: “Tomorrow night after 7 pm would be great.”

Receptionist: “Okay no worries, 7 pm tomorrow. Let’s get you registered.”

(She takes down my details, stopping occasionally to frown at the computer screen, and to mutter about how she hates computers.)

Receptionist: “Okay, so that’s tomorrow night, 7:30 pm.”

Me: “7:30 pm? Not 7 pm?”

Receptionist: “Yep, 7:30 pm.”

(I’m not convinced, and show up the next night at 7 pm, just in case.)

Me: “Hi, I’m here for my appointment. My name is [my name].”

Receptionist: “Oh, your appointment was for 6 pm. Have a seat and we’ll try to fit you in.”

(I’ve risked returning a few times to the same office, and they’ve never once gotten my appointment right!)


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