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Vertigo Is Snot Funny

| Romantic | March 23, 2012

(I suffer from vertigo. Sometimes it lasts for days. I am on my fourth day of constant dizziness, and I’m having a meltdown while attempting to take a shower. My boyfriend has come home from work as I’m sitting on the floor of the shower stall crying. He is being very sweet, and is sitting outside the shower holding my hand, trying to calm me down. He always knows how to make me laugh and break the tension when I’m freaking out.)

Me: *crying* “It’s just so scary. Every time it lasts for this long, I start thinking it’s never going to go away and I’m not going to be able to function like a regular person ever again!”

Him: “It will go away, it always does. You’re going to be fine.” *pause* “Did you just wipe your nose on my arm?”

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