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, , , , | Right | CREDIT: littlegnome85 | October 18, 2020

A woman phones in an order, but when she comes to pick it up she doesn’t have any money.

Customer: “Can I Venmo the restaurant?”

Me: “I’m afraid not. You can pay with cash, card, or even with a code you can scan with your phone.”

Customer: “Nope. Can I Venmo you, and then you could pay?”

I politely declined. She hung around, fiddling on her phone, and eventually left. That should have been the end of it, but no.

Hours later, fifteen minutes before the kitchen closes, she calls back.

Customer: “Remember me? I bought [food item] earlier? Well, do you still have it? I just finished a job so I have money now.”

Me: “I do not have her food.” *from five hours earlier*

Customer: “Could I order it again?”

Me: “You will need to order in person and pay ahead of time, and get to the restaurant in the fifteen minutes that we still have left of dinner service.”

She pleads, so I hand the phone to the manager. She wore him down so he said to just have it made.

I put in the order (again) and packaged it up to go. She arrives two minutes after the kitchen closed, so I hand her the bag.

Customer: “No, I want to eat it here. Also, I want a liter of beer.”

I breathe in and my manager pours the beer. She sits outside and eats from the to-go package.

As I am bringing in the chairs from outside, she motions for me to come over. Taking a breath and getting this weird smile on her face she looks me in the eyes and says:

Customer: “Remember how I asked you to use your Venmo earlier today? Well, you really should have. It’s called customer service.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I told you I would pay by Venmo. You work here and you should have done your job. It’s customer service.”

Me: “Giving out my personal information is not a part of the job, and I am not personally responsible for being a payment method for customers.”

She just kept disagreeing. I finally had to walk away.

After she ate she came inside and asked the manager for a job!