Vegetarianism Versus Pragmatism

, , , | Working | January 9, 2019

(I’m a vegetarian because of the animals, but I feel that wasting food is also very bad. I’m the type of vegetarian that people complain about “eating meat anyway,” but I only do so if they accidentally make my food with meat and if it isn’t eaten, it will be garbage. The animal is still dead whether or not I ate it. Of course, if possible, I’ll hand it to family or friends, but I’m usually alone. At this particular restaurant, the vegetarian menu that I have to ask for separately offers vegetarian meat — mock meat that may look like or taste like real meat.)

Me: “Hi. I would like vegetarian chicken spaghetti.”

Waiter: “No problem.”

(My food comes along, and I’m finding the shredded chicken slivers really taste so much like chicken, but I’ve had surprises where I couldn’t tell. Later there seems to be some kind of commotion in the kitchen.)

Waiter: “I’m so sorry; it seems the kitchen mixed up the real chicken with the faux chicken. I’m afraid those ones you have are real chicken.”

Me: “What? How did someone do that?”

Waiter: “Someone was very careless. So sorry. We can remake it for you.”

Me: *sigh* “Just forget it; the mistake is already made.”

Waiter: “You’re eating real chicken. Are you not a vegetarian?”

Me: “I am, but if I’m not going to eat this, you’re just going to throw it away, right?”

Waiter: “Of course.”

Me: “It’s all right, then. I don’t like wasting it.”

Waiter: “So, you’re okay with this?”

Me: “It’s okay. Just really be careful.”

Waiter: “Okay, so, you’re not really a vegetarian.”

Me: *sigh*

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